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Tachelock: I genuinely have no idea how I got there.
X2: What!?

X2: After you gave me such a hard time for deleting my memories!?
Tachelock: Well at least I didn’t do it deliberately.

Tachelock: The best I can figure, there must have been bad code in some of those drinks.
Tachelock: But at the time I had zero clue what was going on.

Tachelock: There I am in the middle of bugfuck robophobe central.
Tachelock: I’m panicked and looking to find anything I can use as a disguise.

Tachelock: Then somehow I stumble upon a construction site for this new skyscraper.
Tachelock: I see an opportunity and, without really thinking about it, I take it.

Tachelock: And that’s how I ended up spending the next decade disguised as a freight elevator.

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