A Duck Has An Adventure

A Duck Has An AdventureA Duck Has An Adventure is my new hypercomic adventure game for Android phones and pads. The game challenges you to discover all the different possible lives one duck could live, from adventures on the high seas to the halls of academia and beyond. It also features a quite splendid array of hats, as all good games should.

You can grab A Duck Has An Adventure from the Android store right now for only 99 cents (or 66 pence or 75… er… euro cents). It’s taken me about six months to create, contains over 450 panels and is, I think, a significant enough chunk of digital comics to be well worth paying for. For iPhone and iPad users I’m hoping to also have an iOS version of Duck out later in the year, so please keep an eye on E-merl for future waterfowl-related announcements.

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  1. Kels says:

    That sucks, apparently it’s not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Ace. Guess I’ll have to (impatiently) wait for the iOS version.

  2. […] or pads towards my newest endeavour, A Duck Has An Adventure. More Duck details are available over here and also keep an eye on E-merl for word of the iOS version that I’ll hopefully have out later […]

  3. Merlin says:

    Sorry to hear about the compatibility issue. Duck is built on Flash and Adobe Air and apparently the Galaxy Ace doesn’t meet Adobe’s hardware requirements. Promise I’ll get going on the iOS version ASAP!

  4. Kels says:

    Well, you’ve got a guaranteed sale when you do!

  5. KWittkowski says:

    Unrelated note: what happened to the Necessary Monsters site? I just went to reread it (because I love it) and can’t load the site. Sadness abounds.

  6. Merlin says:

    The Necessary Monsters site is still here and working fine, although only chapter one is currently available to be read online: http://www.necessarymonsters.com/

  7. […] than anything else.  So it is my pleasure to unearth a little 99 cent gem for Andorid called A Duck Has An Adventure by Daniel Merlin […]

  8. Dear Mr Goodbrey,

    Duck is perhaps one of the best explorations of a CYOA comic I have ever seen. Every design choice reinforces explorability, in a way that is well paced and totally charming.

    Thank you for this, comics NEEDS people like you to help show what is possible in the digital age!

    As a fellow creator in the space, I just want to give you a hug. I recently blogged about Duck and have been enthusiastically showing it to everyone I know.

    I anxiously look forward to the iOS version!


    Daniel Burwen, creator of CIA : Operation Ajax for the iPad

  9. […] than anything else.  So it is my pleasure to unearth a little 99 cent gem for Andorid called A Duck Has An Adventure by Daniel Merlin Goodbrey. ADHAA is basically a choose your own adventure comic in the same spirit […]

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