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See You In Chicago

See You In Chicago published on No Comments on See You In Chicago

Hey everybody in Chicago! I am going to Chicago! In about… 12 hours from now, in fact. This coming weekend I’ll be attending C2E2 (The Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo) as a guest of First Comics alongside my Necessary Monsters compatriot, Sean Azzopardi.

Stop by the First Comics booth to say hello. If you want to be absolutely guaranteed of finding me at the booth, try 2pm-3pm Friday, 11am-12pm Saturday or 2pm-3pm Sunday, as that’s when Sean and I will be doing our signings.

And if you are a human person who I know who also knows me and you’re going to be in Chicago during the next week, drop me a mail or a tweet so we can arrange drinking and such. Right! Off to get some sleep before my flight. Chicago! Yeah!

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