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1.6. The Moral

1.6. The Moral published on No Comments on 1.6. The Moral

And that brings us to the end of our first chapter or part or episode or whatever word makes sense for “first chunk of story.” Something I wanted to do with Solid Metal Override is have the freedom to tell sightly longer chunks of narrative, rather than being bound so tightly to single page-length episodes as I was with a lot of Ghosts. Tune in next week for the beginning of Chunk Two.

91. Screaming Tuesday

91. Screaming Tuesday published on No Comments on 91. Screaming Tuesday

Fun fact: Brain Fist originally came out on Tuesdays. Tuesday has always been my preferred day for new weekly webcomics to go live. I think chiefly because if I’m ever down to the wire on getting a new strip done, I know if I need it I can usually take a chunk of Monday to get the strip finished.

90. Performance Review

90. Performance Review published on No Comments on 90. Performance Review

Looking at this strip today, I’m struck by how neat that little line leading to the piece of paper with the dot on the end of it looks. Nice design, past-me! I’m wondering though, did past-me make that up himself, or did he steal it from another comic somewhere? Sadly my notes for this strip just reveal that I was excited to have reached the 90th Brain Fist episode and also that I had “managed to fit five strips into the shortest month of the year. Eat it, February!” It was a simpler time.

1.2. Vanilla

1.2. Vanilla published on No Comments on 1.2. Vanilla

So with our first “normal sized” episode you will have discovered that Solid Metal Override is composed around normal, print-comic dimensions (because… well, basically I just felt like working that way with this series). But if you prefer your webcomics to be a bit more screen-friendly in their layout then fear not! Because you can also read the series every week in an infinite canvas format over at Webtoon. See? Problem solved!