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113. Goodbye

113. Goodbye published on No Comments on 113. Goodbye

And we’re done! On the subject of the final strip, Past me notes that he apparently had “the last two panels of Brain Fist written for absolutely ages although it took me a while to figure out how I was going to get there.” Glad Past me finally figured it out!

I hope all my present-day readers have enjoyed this little trip down memory lane. If any of you would like your own little piece of Brain Fist to hold in your hands now the series is over, you can purchase a copy of the collected edition from E-merl’s newly opened store over here (at the moment Brain Fist is the only actual book in the store, but there’ll hopefully be a lot more exciting stuff coming soon).


111. Never Did

111. Never Did published on No Comments on 111. Never Did

My notes reveal this to have originally been planned as the penultimate strip in the series, but I had to shuffle the running order due to San Diego Comic Con somehow getting in the way. I’m guessing maybe I was still struggling with the writing on next week’s strip, so shuffled this one forward so I’d have something to illustrate before I hopped off on exciting Comic Con adventures.

110. Small Comfort

110. Small Comfort published on No Comments on 110. Small Comfort

Looking at my notes for this strip reveals little of use, as I was mostly busy talking about getting ready for this or that comic convention which was just around the corner. Man… I haven’t been to a convention in years! I was just thinking about getting some new books ready to make my return to the convention circuit when this pesky little pandemic wandered along. “To be continued…” on that front, I guess.