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JEDCØP: Legzor. Maxipede. W.A.L.K.R-
Tachelock: Oh come on, those guys don’t count!

Tachelock: Limbs are a specific aspect of their primary design specification.

Tachelock: But these days most of us get around on a variation of gravitics or field manipulation or-
JEDCØP: Tiny, outmoded rotor blades.
Tachelock: -or whatever.

Tachelock: So why the hell should we all be forced to learn how to use a fucking ladder?

Sol: Wait… hold on.
Sol: Tachelock – you have passed the Health & Safety Basic, right?

Tachelock: Sol, if there’s two things you should know about me by now, it’s that I didn’t get where I am today by being either:
Tachelock: A) Healthy.
Tachelock: Or B) Safe.

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