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Tachelock: You can’t be serious?
Sol: I know, it’s daft. It’s not like ladder safety is really that hard. You just-

Tachelock: No, I mean they can’t seriously expect HEDBØT to have to pass ladder safety.
Sol: What? Why not?

Tachelock: Isn’t it obvious? Because he’s a floating head!

Tachelock: I mean, he doesn’t have any limbs! Why would he ever need to use a ladder?
Sol: Well if you take that line of argument, then none of us would need to pass ladder safety.

Tachelock: Exactly! How many robots do we even know that still use a limb-based motive system?

JEDCØP: Amble-ator 3000. Climbotron Alpha. Climbotron Beta. Ladderbot274.

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