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JEDCØP: JEDCØP was totally going to say “conquest.”
Mechra: Once these facts are understood, the only course of action becomes clear.

Mechra: We must incur on them, before they can incur on us.

Tachelock: Ooh, it sounds like we’re in evil doppelganger territory now.
X2: Mechra, have you… met alternate versions of yourself?

Mechra: Oh yes – several, over the years.
Mechra: And I assure you I’ve been quite diligent whenever the opportunity for some… careful pruning has presented itself.

Tachelock: Yikes! I hope I never meet my evil doppelganger then.
X2: Oh, they’re not all that bad.

X2: When I met mine, we actually got along quite well.

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