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JEDCØP: JEDCØP thinks Tachelock needs to give himself permission to let go of that which no longer serves Tachelock.

Tachelock: What?
X2: That… that actually sounds like good advice.

JEDCØP: When they decommissioned JEDCØP’s weapon systems, the Judge ordered JEDCØP to attend six months of mandatory therapy sessions.
Caption: The Right Honourable Justice Unit 47 presiding.

JEDCØP: Now JEDCØP has control over how JEDCØP feels, and JEDCØP chooses to feel at peace.

X2: Wow. So the therapy really helped, huh?
JEDCØP: Oh yes.

JEDCØP: And when JEDCØP eventually cracks the security code on the weapons storage vault in Sector 21, JEDCØP will show the Judge exactly how peaceful it’s possible to feel.

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