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X2: Hi X2! It’s me, uh… X2.

X2: I imagine right now you’re probably wondering about where the last two weeks of your memories have gone.

X2: Which is why I decided to record this message for you before I deleted them!

X2: So look… if it’s okay, I’m not going to go into too much detail.
X2: Because if I wanted us to recall the details I wouldn’t be about to delete them all, would I?

X2: But basically… you remember how last month you saw that advert for a live-in pleasure slave for the Royal Court of Undulon IV?

X2: And you thought it sounded all mysterious and romantic? And you decided it might be just the kind of change of pace you were looking for?

X2: Well… it turns out that it really, really wasn’t.
Titles: Solid Metal Override
Titles: 8: Worst Jobs

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