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042. The Sequel

042. The Sequel published on 1 Comment on 042. The Sequel

Because one remake is never enough.

The Planet Of Unnecessary Remakes 2

So Moon Two was a hit, right?

Solid gold box office smash!

Right! So I’m thinking sequel. And you know what that means?

Moon… 3D?

Right! And maybe also Casey Affleck as the Sea of Fertility.

I don’t know. 3D movies – they’re yesterday’s news.

What are you saying?

I’m saying we take this to the next level.

We build an actual, physical three-dimensional moon in orbit around the planet!

Forged from purest Hollywood! Able to reign down lunar death on all competing studios!

And With Brad Pitt fused into its centre as its living, breathing, marketable heart!

You don’t think we might be crossing a line into full-on, evil megalomania??

It’s what the audience wants!

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