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100. Final Orbit

100. Final Orbit published on 11 Comments on 100. Final Orbit

This final strip was written more than five years ago, long before it ever occurred to me to run 100 Planets as a weekly series here at E-merl. To this day it’s remained my one steady destination during two years of being quite wonderfully lost in the heavens. As our voyage reaches its final orbit, I’d like to say thanks to all of you for keeping me company during the trip and being there with a helpful nudge whenever my proofreading skills took a nosedive.

If I might be allowed to ask one last favour, I’d like to direct those of you with Android phones or pads towards my newest endeavour, A Duck Has An Adventure. More Duck details are available over here and also keep an eye on E-merl for word of the iOS version that I’ll hopefully have out later in the year.

Right, that’s everything from me. Thanks again for reading and be sure to buckle up tight for atmospheric re-entry. Rocketship E-merl, signing off.