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Never Shoot The Chronopath

Never Shoot The Chronopath published on 3 Comments on Never Shoot The Chronopath

I almost, almost, almost got my 24 hour comic finished on time but then didn’t. All the actual art, words and layout were finished by 12:39pm, which was cool, but then I had to drive my housemate to the train station and I still needed to add the registry panels that make the Tarquin Engine work. So I went over by an hour or so all told, which isn’t too bad, considering.

Anyway, take a look see: Never Shoot The Chronopath

Now I’m off to have a shave and then go jump on a train to get to the ICA for my talk at 4pm. Sleep depravation plus public speaking! Yay!


A dextrous piece of plotting with a sinster appreciation of the malleability of the form.
But my favourite part has to be when the Praetor, infected by the Simultaneous Meme, became the Meme itself.
Of course, such a transformation is as oxygen itself to the Meme, as seen in Scott McCloud’s avataricious manifoldestos, your Mr Nile Experiments, and (if only tangentially), my own experihondle events.
One has to ask the question: are all who cavort in the fields of the Ninth Art doomed to be consumed by it?


I remember reading this a long while back and it definitely had an affect on me from a creative perspective. Amazing how you even pulled this story concept off in 24 hours let alone the Flash goodness… well ALMOST got it done in 24 hours :). Still a valiant effort and extremely good final product!

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