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Let’s Not Talk About Douglas

Let’s Not Talk About Douglas published on No Comments on Let’s Not Talk About Douglas

I got invited to the Lingua Comica closing reception at the Japanese Embassy in London last night. First time I’ve been to an official embassy function and I guess technically I can now say I’ve set foot on Japanese soil. Well, carpeting. Good fun was had by all, not least because every time I downed my glass of wine a waiter passed by to top it up. You can check out the Lingua Comica collaborations at their website over here. Well worth a look, I’d say.

Oh, go on then – let’s talk about Douglas. Mr. Noble has just begun a new interview series under the catchy title, Let’s Not Talk About Comics. Kieron is the inaugural guest, set the near-impossible task of not talking about comics for the length of almost an entire interview. Does he succeed? Only one way to find out.

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