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Selling Out For Fun & Profit

Selling Out For Fun & Profit published on No Comments on Selling Out For Fun & Profit

Hey, so I’ve decided to try running some adverts at E-merl via Project Wonderful. This only works if there’s actually someone interested in advertising here, so who knows if anything will come of it or not. But watch that space to the right for the possible unfolding of exciting new adventures in commerce.

Elsewhere, the Giant Size Avengers hype trail has started to kick up a notch. Check out our editor John Barber’s thoughts on how the book came about and why I’m great at Newsarama. I turn up to do some shilling in the comments thread and will also be doing a proper follow up interview there at some point soon-ish. More news as it develops.

And lastly, for those of the journal keeping persuasion, I’ve finally got round to adding an E-merl Livejournal feed. Now you can keep up to date with all the latest nonsense and bits of news I type here without even having to leave the comfort of your “friends” page. Ain’t the future grand?

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