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The Iron Mant Cometh

The Iron Mant Cometh published on No Comments on The Iron Mant Cometh

Did my lettering pass over Emperor None today and, y’know, I’m pretty pleased with it. Everything feels like it’s clicking with the words in place – I thought I might want to tweak quite a lot once I actually saw it on the page, but in the end it all seemed to fit just fine. Although it’s still a shock to see a character I grew up with in Saturday morning cartoons speaking my words (Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends fans represent!).

In related matters there have been of bunch more Giant Size Avengers interviews over at Newsarama. Make with the clicking to learn all about the return of the Fing Fang Four and get the inside scoop on C.B Cebulski and Jim Cheung’s contributions to the book.

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