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Robotic Resonance

Robotic Resonance published on No Comments on Robotic Resonance

Two bits of unrelated news linked by the letter R. First off, I just recorded a radio interview with Alex Fitch for London based Resonance FM. I’m convinced I blathered like a crazy person, but Alex assures me otherwise. I guess you can judge for yourself if you’re in London on Thursday and tune to 104.4 FM at 5pm. There’ll also apparently be a podcast of the interview available, so I’ll throw the link up for that as soon it goes live.

My second R of the day stands for Robots, the new anthology book from Accent UK which is now available for order via Diamond in good comic shops everywhere. I mention this because I’ve got a story in the book called Robot Heart about a guy with, well, a robot heart. Head over to the Accent UK site to see further previews from the other contributors. Looks to be a fun anthology judging from all the names involved and the work on display.

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