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Le Dernier Cow-Boy

Le Dernier Cow-Boy published on 2 Comments on Le Dernier Cow-Boy

Le Dernier Cow-Boy Raisonnable Le Dernier Cow-Boy Raisonnable & Autres Histoires will be out from L’AN 2 on the 15th May. Take a look at the cover on the left and you’ll notice it looks a lot like the American version, only more French. Just the cover image alone may not do the new edition justice though – my publisher Thierry Groensteen sounds determined to raise the production quality on the book across the board. Needless to say I’m getting quite excited about the prospect of seeing the thing in the papery French flesh.

Meanwhile, on an island nearer to home, nominations for the Eagle Awards are underway. A better man might not beg for your votes, but I am not that man. Those wishing to stroke my ego could perhaps drop my name in the Favourite Newcomer Writer category. Of course, feel free to shoehorn mentions for me or my work into as many other categories as possible (Emperor None for best comics villain, anyone?). There’s a proud tradition of ballot stuffing when it comes to the Eagle Awards and it’s great to see the whole Internet able to play the game this year.



I’m French and I bought “Le dernier cow-boy raisonnable & autres histoires” this afternoon. I had only looked at the cover and some of the pages. I thought the dialogues were perfect. Made me laugh, made me think. Or not. Anyway. I got confirmation that you must be some kind of genius by the time I was done with the first story. And by the end of the book, well, you were still standing somewhere between human beings and gods (now don’t get big-headed).
I think the translators (is that even proper english, i don’t know) did a great job. Everything seems as if it couldn’t have been said any different. And not to mention the drawings, which I find fabulous.

So basically, i’m here to see more of your works and just to say “thank you” 🙂

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