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Some Overdue Updates

Some Overdue Updates published on 2 Comments on Some Overdue Updates

I should probably try and post to this blog more often, yes? Anyhoo, got quite a few things to update you on. First off on the webcomic front, Necessary Monsters is now up and running with new pages being added every Monday and Wednesday. The Rule Of Death is of course also still updating regularly on Fridays at Serializer. Add to that All Knowledge Is Strange which updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays and that means – heavens! – I’m now running brand new comics five days a week. How on earth did that happen?

Meanwhile In the world of print, it would appear to be a good time to read my work in other languages. Le Dernier Cow-Boy has now been released by L’an 2 and is no doubt available from all good bookshops in France as we speak. While over in Spain two anthologies I’m in – Best New Manga and Giant Size Avengers – have received Spanish Translations (El Gran Libro Del Manga and Los Poderosos Vengadores, respectively). If any of my multilingual readers would like to let me know what they thought of the translations, then do get in touch.

While I’m thinking about anthologies, I should also mention that I recently wrote and drew a story for the Accent UK Robots anthology. The book is currently available (via Diamond) in your local comicbook store and you can check out a preview page from my contribution here. It’s a silly little thing, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

What else? Oh yeah, I finished writing the sixth and final part of my next Marvel gig the other week. Although I’m really not allowed to tell you anything substantial about it yet and I’m sure I’ll have a few rewrites to do once my editor’s had a chance to go through it. But look for something quite fun with my name on it to appear from Marvel around the end of the year.


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