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The Endless Eyes Of Mickey Rourke.

The Endless Eyes Of Mickey Rourke. published on No Comments on The Endless Eyes Of Mickey Rourke.

Keeping my vow of more regular updates, I bring to your attention the new anthology comic, Who Gives A **** About Mickey Rourke? The great and the good of the British small press scene are present, each giving loving tribute to the legendary Hollywood actor turned boxer. They also let me in for some reason, so look out for a one page horror tale from yours truly entitled The Right Eye Of Mickey Rourke. Apart from the countless lies it’s a 100% true story. Honest.

Elsewhere in Marvel Comics news, I recently got to see the pencils for the first chapter of the new serial I’ve written for them. I think I can probably safely reveal the story’s title – Endless Stolen Sky – without giving away any info as to who it might star or what it’s about. And the pencils themselves are full of awesome – I’m now on the edge of my seat waiting to see the other five chapters brought to life.

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