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Artists Wanted! An Interview! San Diego! And More!

Artists Wanted! An Interview! San Diego! And More! published on 1 Comment on Artists Wanted! An Interview! San Diego! And More!

Very busy! Very! But not so busy that I can’t take time for a few quick updates. Firstly, I got to have a nice long chat with Tom Spurgeon the other day and the resulting interview can now be seen at The Comics Reporter. One of the things I mention in the interview that I think might be worth repeating here – I’m currently looking for artistic collaborators on a number of graphic novel projects. If you’re a comics artist and you think you might enjoy illustrating one of my scripts, drop me an e-mail on merlin (at) with some examples of your work. It may take me a little time to reply as I’m away on my travels for the next two weeks, but I promise everyone who gets in contact will hear back from me as soon as I can manage it.

Speaking of travels, San Diego Comic Con International is – yikes – less than a week away! This year I’ll once again be based at the AiT/PlanetLar booth, so do say hello if you happen to be passing by. I’ll have on hand copies of the Necessary Monsters ash-can, a new All Knowledge Is Strange mini and maybe even some artwork from the new Marvel project that you’ll be able to take a peek at.

The Caption Comics Collective Once I return from the US I’ll be stumbling, no doubt sleep deprived and half blind towards Oxford where I’ll be setting up for The Caption Comics Collective gallery show. The show will be open for the whole of August at the Oxford Jam Factory, with a special gala-opening night taking place on 8th August at 8pm. I’ll be displaying my work alongside a veritable gaggle of cartooning talent so I’m sure it’ll be well worth popping along to if you happen to be in the area. I imagine it would be handy if there was some kind of flyer that contained all the pertinent details about the show. But wait! What’s that oblong image to the left of these very words? Huzzah!

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