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Spring Already?

Spring Already? published on No Comments on Spring Already?

I’ve been thinking I should really get a twitter account going, but then I remember how bad I am at both Facebook and keeping this blog updated and I go hide in a cupboard instead.

Anyway! Time for a long overdue update to let people know what’s up in the wider world of E-merl. First off, there have been a few people lately saying very nice things about Necessary Monsters and The Rule Of Death. Thanks people! Sean and Douglas continue to do wonderful work every week and you should all be getting very excited as both series begin to draw towards their conclusions.

Elsewhere, Astonishing Tales is now on its third issue and my Iron Man 2020 story has been meeting with massive levels of critical… well, indifference mostly. But! It’s still awesome! And things get even more explodey in part four so you should totally check it out at your local comic shop or online at Marvel DCU. Oh and I even did an interview about the serial over at the Pulse. Go see!

What else? The LUC X-mas Bash, The Web & Mini Comix Thing and Shmurgen Con have all come and gone. They were excellent events – thanks to those that made them so. I should now take the opportunity to plug LUC176 in June, where I’ll be part of the Baillie-Azzopardi-Noble-Goodbrey Comics Experience. I may even have copies of a new full-colour Brain Fist collection ready in time for the show, so fingers crossed.

Hmm. I think that about wraps it up for now. Speak to you again the next time I get around to making a post in the distant future. Until then – see you every Tuesday and Thursday for All Knowledge Is Strange. Happy Internets!

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