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Corruption Rules My Soul

Corruption Rules My Soul published on No Comments on Corruption Rules My Soul

Empire of OddThe first part of my new five-part webcomic serial, Empire Of Odd, went live this week at Ctrl.Alt.Shift. The webcomic is my contribution towards Ctrl.Alt.Shift’s new anti-corruption initiative and will be appearing exclusively on the web to help promote their upcoming print anthology, Unmasks Corruption. The story takes the recent MP expenses scandal in Britain as it’s jumping off point and then gets bigger and weirder from there. Tune in on Monday for part two.

Elsewhere on the web, another webcomic of mine that’s simply brimming with evil and corruption has just finished it’s run. That’s right – chapter five of Necessary Monsters has wrapped up, bringing our tale of darkly-daring-do to a close. Sean has at last been freed from his drawing table to skip merrily through the woods without a care in the world – at least until I chain him back down again to start working on the print edition of the series. Said print collection should hopefully be available in all good comic stores by Christmas – more details to come on that front soon.

And lastly… well, nothing to do with corruption really, but next weekend is The MCM Expo in London and myself and Sean will once again be on hand to sell you our fine comicy wares. We’ll have with us copies of the final Necessary Monsters mini-comic and – provided we can get them from the printers in time – new Necessary Monsters postcards. Yes, postcards! Free ones! Available to anyone who comes past our table and says Hi during the weekend. Hmm… I guess that’s sort of a bribe, isn’t it? Yay! Corruption wins out in the end after all!

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