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A Necessary Purchase

A Necessary Purchase published on No Comments on A Necessary Purchase

A quick pre-Christmas post to point everyone in the direction of this here page concerning the new Necessary Monsters trade paperback. You need this book! It’ll be out in comic shops in February but you need to go and order it from your friendly comic shop owner now, because that is the way the gods of comics have decreed it. Go forth! Or alternatively, order your copy from Amazon. Go… er… fifth!

And now I’m off to finish getting ready for the aforementioned winter festival. I’ll see you all in the New Year, by which time I promise I’ll have the new E-merl shop sorted and copies of the Brain Fist trade available for sale. Oh wait, before I forget, check this out – someone let me into a conversation about Science Fiction in comics with Bryan Talbot, Paul Cornell and Paul Duffield. And then they went and recorded the whole thing too! Jings!

Merry, merry everyone!

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