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Dead Tree Renovations

Dead Tree Renovations published on No Comments on Dead Tree Renovations

The Brain Fist TradeThe long awaited renovation to E-merl’s Print Comics page has completed its first stage. I’ve stripped out some of my older, out-of-print minis and added a proper PayPal shopping cart via which people can get their hands on the new Brain Fist trade paperback. That’s right, Brain Fist is finally available for purchase right here in one sleek, full-colour volume. Consume! Also added with this update is an All Knowledge Is Strange mini-comic that’s previously only been available at conventions and all the details of the Necessary Monsters trade due in February.

Stage two of the renovations will include adding some Amazon Associate features so that I’ve got my own mini-shop for selling my two AiT trades. I’m also going to add a proper list of my other print comic work, including the stuff at Marvel and various anthology contributions. Look for that lot to appear as soon as I have time to figure out how the Amazon gubbins works.

In other news, the second half of the conversation between myself, Bryan Talbot, Paul Cornell and Paul Duffield is now up here – it’s Science-Fiction-tastic. Happy New Year all!

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