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Beta City Beware! E-merl 7.1 Rises!

Beta City Beware! E-merl 7.1 Rises! published on No Comments on Beta City Beware! E-merl 7.1 Rises!

M A S I V O !Welcome to the newly nipped and tucked E-merl 7.1! The star of the site’s new look is of course MASIVO, my new twice-weekly webcomic serial. Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a soft spot for giant robots punching each other and at last in MASIVO I’ve found a suitable outlet for this guilty sci-fi pleasure. Stay tuned to E-merl every Monday and Friday to watch the inevitable carnage unfold.

In addition to the site’s lovely new colour scheme, I’ve re-organised the top navigation bar to reflect the renewed focus on hypercomics that’s come along thanks to my current doctoral studies. Expect more new work from me in this area before the year is out. Not to be outdone, my major webcomic serials have also finally been given their own page and a fancy drop down menu to make finding them all a little bit easier.

Meanwhile, over in the right hand bar, you can now see my latest tweet and if you scroll down a bit I’ve added a subscription button for those wishing to receive an e-mail whenever the site updates. Elsewhere I’ve also updated the Consulting page to reflect a couple of my recent gigs, chief amongst which would be the creation of the Strangebook prototype, which you can learn more about here.

And that’s pretty much everything for this update. I think I’ve caught and squished all the bugs thrown up by the site’s facelift, but if anyone spots anything that looks like an error then a comment on the bottom of this post would be much appreciated. Right, back to the giant robot craziness. Toodles!

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