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New York! New Monsters!

New York! New Monsters! published on 2 Comments on New York! New Monsters!

NM2: MurderboxTwo exciting things are happening! One: Sean and I have finished the first issue of Necessary Monsters 2! Very exciting! NM2: Murderbox picks up right where volume one left off and features more spy-horror thrills than you can shake a severed limb at. Those in the UK wanting to get their hands on a copy will be able to pick up issue one at MCM in October or Thought Bubble in November. For US readers interested in checking out the new series, I direction your attention towards the following paragraph.

Second exciting thing: I am going to be at New York Comic Con with First Comics! Very, very exciting! First Comics will be at booth #1624 and I’ll be on hand with copies of Necessary Monsters, Murderbox, Brain Fist and a full-colour, con exclusive issue of All Knowledge Is Strange. I should be about for all four days of the convention, so do stop by the booth to say hello. Karol and I will be in New York from 8th October, so if you’re someone I know in the NYC area and you want to meet up before the show, drop me a mail to merlin (at) and plans will be made.

Oh! Additional sort-of-exciting-but-probably-more-just-kinda-interesting thing I should mention: the paper I delivered at The Graphic Novel Conference in Oxford on the history of the hypercomic is now available to read online over here. Special thanks to Neal Von Flue, whose assistance with the paper was invaluable.


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