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107. Farewell Kitty

107. Farewell Kitty published on No Comments on 107. Farewell Kitty

Let’s hear what Past me had to say about this one:

“The thing I didn’t realise about doing a strip that’s twice as long, is that it actually takes twice as long to make. I’m stupid like that when it comes to the really obvious practical considerations of comicing. Anyway, this is the Bad Kitty’s farewell. Cats are difficult to write, since so many of the jokes have already been told. But for a character that grew out of a single New York subway punch line, I’m quite pleased with how he turned out.

Hmm… what’s that about a New York Subway punchline? Oh right – here’s Past me again from a couple of years previously:

“Hey look, a talking cat in a comic strip. Who’d ever think we’d live to see such a day? This strip arrived pretty much fully formed in my head while I was riding the subway in New York. That’s enough for me to justify a holiday in NY as tax-deductible for research purposes, right? Right?”

Oh what a scamp Past me was! He also didn’t actually have any pet cats when we was wrote Brain Fist. This is a flaw I have since somewhat over-corrected and I’ve had several of the little angels over the years, the largest and most demanding of which is currently lying on my keyboard “helping” me while I try and type these words.


Farewell Kitty

Cats don’t say goodbye.

You ever noticed that?

Oh, we’re big fans of saying hello.

Especially when we want food or drugs or whatever.

But when you leave?

It doesn’t matter how long you’re gonna be gone.

We just close our eyes.

And wait.

Piss off already, would ya?

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