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108. Trip Question

108. Trip Question published on No Comments on 108. Trip Question

As is swiftly becoming standard operating procedure for the final seven, let’s see what Past me has to say about this one:

“This week is the Hallucinogenist’s turn to take his bow under the spot light. I never succeeded in developing a decent drug habit myself, but where I failed the Hallucinogenist excelled. And excelled and excelled. I feel rather bad for the poor fellow, really.”

Past me was quite a fan of the hyperlink, it seems.


Trip Question

I think it should count for something.

I mean, I was always going to be an addict.
I’ve no more illusions there.

And I’m not trying to absolve myself by saying that.

I just… it could have been so much worse.

I could have been addicted to something truly monstrous.

Or worse still maybe, something mundane.

Like romance novels… or politics… or air conditioning.

I could have destroyed so many lives with air conditioning and no one would even have noticed.

But no. I never hurt anyone but myself.

And that’s got to count for something.

Hasn’t it?

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