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110. Small Comfort

110. Small Comfort published on No Comments on 110. Small Comfort

Looking at my notes for this strip reveals little of use, as I was mostly busy talking about getting ready for this or that comic convention which was just around the corner. Man… I haven’t been to a convention in years! I was just thinking about getting some new books ready to make my return to the convention circuit when this pesky little pandemic wandered along. “To be continued…” on that front, I guess.


Small Comfort


Sometimes I pretend that none of this is real.

Heaven and Hell, God, the Devil – none of it.

I pretend it’s all just a story.
A cautionary tale grown out of control.

Heaven is just the promise of a better world for those we leave behind.

And Hell doesn’t exist – creatures like me don’t exist.

Sometimes I pretend I don’t exist at all.

It’s a small comfort.

But this is Hell.

And I’ll take what comfort I can get.

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