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89. Counter Demand

89. Counter Demand published on 13 Comments on 89. Counter Demand

Attempt camaraderie? Or go for the toast? Roll a six-sided dice and post the result to the comments thread or tweet it to @merlism. Rolls will be tallied on Christmas Eve and the result shown on Boxing Day.

Wait… Eve? Boxing? Yes, that’s right – Winter Yule is upon us once more and with it the annual E-merl Xmas Extravaganza! Which means… links to your favourite Christmas-themed strips of years past! Woo! So for today’s treats: How about this or this from Brain Fist and oh… maybe this and this from All Knowledge Is Strange? More to come on Friday!


I got 2 as well…
Someone doesn’t like toast.
I used because I didn’t have a die, it makes random numbers based on atmospheric noise. Feel free to not count my answer because I didn’t use a die. 😛
I like this comic a lot

The rolls are closed!

This week we had 12 rolls in the comments and 1 more via twitter, leading to a final tally of:

1-3: 8 rolls.
4-6: 5 rolls.

Which means the dice just aren’t a fan of toast, apparently.

(And yes, is a totally acceptable alternative for the dice-impaired)

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