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9. A What!?

9. A What!? published on 17 Comments on 9. A What!?

So… try to figure out what’s going on or make a run for it? Roll a six-sided dice and post the result to the comments thread or tweet it to @merlism. Rolls will be tallied on Thursday and the result shown on Friday. And this week – describe your rolling surface! Desk or table? Wood or whatever? Smartphone or super computer?


The rolls are closed! Again!

(When I first posted I missed a bunch of posts waiting for approval.)

So, re-tallying, We had 13 rolls in the comments this week and 1 extra via twitter.

Desks are perhaps unsurprisingly the favoured rolling surface amongst those not rolling using strange electrical trickery.

The final tally:

1-3: 5 rolls.
4-6: 8 rolls.

So it looks like tomorrow Bea and Cromwell will still be making a run for it!

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