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You know what? I’m not even sure what I said next.

But his Majesty certainly was impressed!
So… we’re building a giant wall now?
Er… no. No, not exactly. It’s a little complicated. You see-

His Majesty asked for a list of all the ministries who’d signed up in support of the project.
Oh no.
Wait. He didn’t-
This idiot rattled them all off, one by one.

It’s not my fault! He seemed so interested all of a sudden!

I thought I was really selling him on the wall project. And then he… he started writing down everything I was saying…
Oh God! He knows we all exist!

It’ll be a new spending review for certain.
This can’t be happening! The Ministry of Soup is Doomed!
But… but then what’ll happen to the Ministry of Croutons!?

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