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I’ll admit, this uncertainty over the kingdom’s name is puzzling.

But do you really think it’s significant enough to become your group’s main focus?
The way I see it your Majesty, we’re working under the presumption that we used to be alive and now aren’t.

My group’s job is to determine the cause of this, where all other attempts have failed.

But now we’ve identified that the kingdom’s name and location are also… shall we say, absent.

And again, we must presume that this was not always the case. Therefore there must be some root cause for this change.

Now, are the causes for these two unusual changes linked? Well… it certainly doesn’t seem unreasonable to me to draw this initial conclusion.

And while we know that the cause of the MME has so far alluded all investigation, no one has yet applied any significant resources to the matter of the kingdom’s name.

Hmm… when you put it in that overly drawn-out justification, it does sound reasonable…
Such has always been my talent, your majesty.

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