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173. Among The People

173. Among The People published on No Comments on 173. Among The People

Advance warning: I don’t think I’ll manage to fit a Christmas strip into Ghosts this year, what with the series having turned into something of an ongoing narrative that is swiftly barreling towards it’s conclusion (about 8 or so episodes left, I reckon). Don’t worry though, Brain Fist will be along on Thursday to delivery a little slice of seasonal cheer


Hey, Reverend.
Oh! Hello. I er… I thought you’d be in the royal observation booth with the others.

Well… I usually try to go to where the story is. But today I just wanted to be where Doc isn’t.

Are you two having another… disagreement?
No… not exactly.

This whole thing just feels too much like one of his old sideshow stunts. In my experience, those are best viewed at a safe distance.

What about you? You didn’t want a chance to hang out with the King?
Oh… no.

No, I feel more comfortable out here among the people.

The Bees!
“Are you my orange juice or a sporange spruce?”
I’m glad one of us does.

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