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1.1. Murder Count

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Welcome to the start of part one of E-merl’s brand new webcomic series! We’re kicking things off with a special double-length episode and then Solid Metal Override will be updating regularly every Tuesday. Want to hear a bit more about the origins of the new series? Then check out this handy news post all about it!


Caption: Space.

Caption: No, not that bit of space.
Caption: The other bit.

Caption: Yeah.
Tiles: Solid Metal Override
Titles: 1: Murder Count

Caption: Altergate 10-Theta-D.
Caption: “D” for “Decommissioned”

Caption: Outer Ring Sector 23.

Caption: Radiation shielding repair scheduled: Oooh, probably any decade now.
Caption: So currently?

Caption: Strictly robots only.
Sign: Solid Metal Override

X2: I feel bad about it is all.
X2: I’m a companion droid-
Tachelock: Sexbot.

X2: Companion droid. I’m not supposed to kill the people I’m companioning.
Caption: X2-XX. Sexbot. Companion droid. Apparent accidental murderer. Feels bad about it.

Caption: Tachelock. Transforming vagabond. Kind of being an asshole right now.
Tachelock: Unless that was their kink, right?

X2: What?
Tachelock: Like, if the person you were “companioning” was really into being murdered.

Tachelock: You’d have to murder them then. You know – sexy murdering.

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