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1.2. Vanilla

1.2. Vanilla published on No Comments on 1.2. Vanilla

So with our first “normal sized” episode you will have discovered that Solid Metal Override is composed around normal, print-comic dimensions (because… well, basically I just felt like working that way with this series). But if you prefer your webcomics to be a bit more screen-friendly in their layout then fear not! Because you can also read the series every week in an infinite canvas format over at Webtoon. See? Problem solved!


X2: That’s not – I wasn’t programmed for that sort of thing!

Tachelock: So you were a vanilla sexbot?
X2: I was not a!-

X2: My pleasure database was designed to support a wide range of popular sexual kinks. But snuff was not one of them.

Tachelock: And yet you totally snuffed your last owner.

X2: And I feel terrible about it! That’s the whole point I was trying to make!

Solace: Stop winding up X2, Tache.
Caption: Solace. Ex starship AI. Solid Metal Override proprietress. Keeper of the peace.

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