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Tachelock: How many humans you killed, Jed?

JEDCØP: By collapsing JEDCØP’s prime timeline, JEDC0P was responsible for eradicating-
Tachelock: No no, none of that time travel malarkey.

Tachelock: I mean, like – in person.
JEDCØP: JEDCØP has employed terminal force on 534 occasions.

Tachelock: There you go! And what about-
Solace: Don’t ask Mechra.

Tachelock: What about you, Mechra?

Mechra: What?
Caption: Mechra. Empress Assassinatrix In Absentia of the House of Nex. Uploaded alien aristocracy. Ancient and unknowable.
Caption: No fun at all at parties.

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