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Tachelock: How many humans have you killed?
Mechra: Just humans? I don’t know. Lots.

Tachelock: Come on – you must have some subroutine keeping score somewhere?

Mechra: Oh, “must” I?
Tachelock: Eep!
Mechra: Please – tell me some more things I “must” do.

Mechra: I’m simply fascinated to hear what you think they might be.
Tachelock: I… I have no further opinions! On anything! At all! Ever! Sorry!

Mechra: Good. Because my people perfected the art of murder when your inventors were still fucking each other in trees.

Mechra: I don’t count the number of people I’ve killed – I count the civilisations.

Mechra: Which, by the way, is seven point five.

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