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Sol: So you’ve stayed there too, Mechra?

Mechra: Not recently. But I hunted there on occasion in centuries past.
Mechra: Many are the fabled beasts of Verdigrave Five.

Mechra: I remember well my days spent stalking the Wild Epiphaphant.
Mechra: The week-long race to escape the devouring tide of a migrating Mushdoom shoal.

Mechra: And of course, the time I slew the Many-Toed Malrock Beast in single combat.

JEDCØP: Many… toes?
Mechra: Each toe was the size of a house and contained a hundred questing, razor-lined maws.

JEDCØP: If toes can have razor-lined maws, JEDCØP is revaluating his position on the having of toes.

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