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Sol: Maybe if you tried actually reading the postcard.

Postcard: Hi Sol!
Having a lovely time on holiday! There are so many different species to see here, it’s all very fascinating. The cabin is lovely and I’m really enjoying being surrounded by nature for a change. I’ll try and bring you back a nice bit of greenery for the bar!

Tachelock: Holiday? How am I just hearing about this now?
Sol: Probably because X2 knew you’d find some way to be a dick about it if they told you beforehand.

JEDCØP: Tachelock is very good at being a dick.
Tachelock: Huh. Yeah, fair enough.

Tachelock: I mean, I certainly would have given them shit for picking such a boring fucking planet for a holiday.
Mechra: “Boring?”

Mechra: That’s not the word I’d use to describe Verdigrave Five.

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