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Mechra: The Xeno-craw are parasitic in nature.
X2: Gah!
Mechra: It must have mistaken you for a viable organic host.

X2: Mechra! Where… where did you come from!?
Mechra: I’ve been sitting at that table for the last hour.
X2: You were?

Mechra: Yes. My stealth systems were engaged, so none of you detected my presence.
Tachelock: Geeze! Do you… do you do that often?

Mechra: You will never know the answer to that question.

Mechra: But should you ever choose to speak ill of me, you would do well to first speculate on the depths of this unknown.

Tachelock: Duly noted.
Mechra: Good. Now… how much do you want in exchange for this creature?

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