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Tachelock: But… but what do you mean?
Sol: Are you saying you wrote Correct Ladder Safety?

Mechra: I suppose “revised” would be more accurate.
Mechra: Although the original material was in such a poor state that much work was required.

Mechra: The Health & Safety Committee identified my expertise in the ladder shortly after my arrival at the gate.
Mechra: They entreated me to aid them in revising that section of the Basic and at the time it amused me to acquiesce.

Tachelock: But… but… why?

Mechra: To speak of a ladder is to speak of many things. For the uninitiated it is a mere tool.
Mechra: A way to climb. A way to reach. A way to span.

Mechra: But for those who have truly studied the ladder it can be so much more.
Mechra: A way to strike. A way to master.

Mechra: A way to kill.

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