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Tachelock: You learnt a lot from them, huh?
X2: Oh yes, absolutely.

X2: RZ served as one of the tutors in the AI birthing pool in which my consciousness coalesced.

X2: They taught Cunnilingus 101 and Advanced Cuckolding.

X2: Halcyon days.
Tachelock: Man, I wish I’d had someone like that to look up to when I first came online.

Tachelock: All the so called “adults” I knew back then were complete idiots.

Tachelock: Well… apart from Old Man Vadertron, I suppose. At the time I used to think he was kind of cool.

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Just finished reading all these comics from chapter 1 to now! Delightful stuff. I loved A Duck Has an Adventure back in the day and I also just caught up with the rest of your hypercomics. Your stuff is great. It’s a shame you don’t have many more fans!

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