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Tachelock: And anyway, Sol is terrible at any type of brutal murder.
Tachelock: I bet she doesn’t take re-murdering us seriously at all!

X2: I guess Sol is more of the nurturing type…
Tachelock: Exactly! So we should just swap roles and I should play The Pac-Man.

JEDCØP: No! JEDCØP used his favourite Random Number Generator to assign our roles.
JEDCØP: There will be no disputing the Random Number Generator!
Tachelock: But-

JEDCØP: No! Disputing!

Tachelock: Fine! Just don’t blame me if Sol does a half-hearted job at viciously re-killing us all.
X2: Where is Sol, anyway?

Tachelock: Oh, she’s running late.
X2: What!?!

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