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Mechra: What?
Sol: Look, I fully accept this may lead to my swift and untimely demise.
Sol: But someone needs to call you on this mightier-than-thou bullshit.

Mechra: Choose your next words very carefully.

Sol: No. You need to just- just listen to me, okay?
Sol: For JEDCØP, right now recharging is as challenging as… as conquering a solar system to feed a black hole.

Sol: And if he doesn’t find a solution then that’s it – he’s offline.
Sol: Because the rest of us, we don’t have anything else to fall back on. All we have is each other.

Sol: And yes, we know you could kill all of us if you wanted to.
Mechra: Or worse.
Sol: Or worse. But you don’t! And you know why you don’t?

Sol: Because if you’re here with us rather than anywhere else in the universe you could be? Then you are one of us too.

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