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Sol: *sigh* I just thought it would be nice to vary things up a little.
Sol: Add some bar snacks to the menu – give everyone a bit more variety to choose from.

Sol: But I really didn’t expect this whole “cooking” thing to be so complicated.
Sol: I mean, humans manage it all the time. And they’re mostly idiots.

X2: Okay, so why not try downloading some ready-prepared meals and offering those for sale instead?

Sol: What? No! That’d be cheating.
X2: Would it? Isn’t that what you do when we order a drink?
Sol: Absolutely not!

Sol: I mean yes, I do maintain an extensive and carefully curated database of alcoholic drinks, mixers and supplementary ingredients.

Sol: But then I mix every drink order personally upon request, using an accelerated time cycle for near instantaneous preparation time.

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