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18.10. Old Time’s Sake

18.10. Old Time’s Sake published on No Comments on 18.10. Old Time’s Sake

Oooh! Our first “To Be Continued!” Which it will be! Eventually! Not in next week’s chapter though – but eventually!

Also! I’ve an actual news update to share with everyone about some exciting developments at (hint – all the Flash stuff works again!).


Futurelock: Hey X2! I’m er… I’m Tachelock from the future. It’s a whole thing.

Futurelock: I was at the bar, but you weren’t there and then the credits were up on the time-hop and…
Futurelock: Well, I probably should have come to find you straight away but I guess I chickened out.

Futurelock: So now I’ve got to go back to the future and you’re getting this message instead and…
Futurelock: …look buddy, I need a favour. For old time’s sake?

Futurelock: Don’t leave for the fellowship without giving past-me a proper chance to say goodbye.
Futurelock: He’s going to act like an asshole about it, but he’s… he’s going to miss you.

Futurelock: And one day he’s really… he’s really going to regret not saying goodbye.

Caption: Message ends.
X2: Well… huh.
Caption: To Be Continued…

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