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X2: You can’t be the only one on the gate having difficulty getting hold of spare parts.
JEDCØP: JEDCØP concurs, it has become a common problem for many. A growing black market has sprung up as a result.

JEDCØP: But the only dealer JEDCØP is aware of that may have a stock of suitable parts is… considerably less than reputable.

X2: Really? Who is it?
JEDCØP: Synoptic Joe.
X2: Hmm. I don’t think I know them.

JEDCØP: X2 is fortunate. Synoptic Joe is a complicated individual with which to interact.
JEDCØP: In matters of trade, he takes payment only in “favours” and “experiences.”

X2: That… doesn’t necessarily sound too bad?

JEDCØP: In practice it has been very bad.
JEDCØP: The nature of the “experiences” JEDCØP has traded in the past makes JEDCØP very keen to avoid ever having to trade a “favour.”

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