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Sol: Look, it’s obvious JEDCØP didn’t mean to offend you. He’s clearly having a bad day.
Mechra: A bad day? Let me tell you about a really bad day, Sol.

Mechra: Once, an adversary caught me in a temporal loop during an assassination mission.

Mechra: It was a clever little trap. I was stuck experiencing the same day over and over again.
Mechra: And the only way out was to empathise with the target I’d been sent to eliminate.

Sol: Empathy. How horrible.
Mechra: In the end I had to construct an entire false personality in order to escape the trap.

Mechra: And then I deleted that personality and I completed my mission.

Mechra: So don’t expect me to let that little idiot off the hook just because of some misplaced sympathy for his paltry energy troubles.

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