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Tachelock: Although now apparently they’re calling themselves:

Tachelock: The Heptadecabots.

Tachelock: Which is a dumb name, right? Like, it’s really just one syllable too many to sound cool.

JEDCØP: JEDCØP doesn’t remember Tachelock ever mentioning being a combiner before.
Tachelock: Yeah… it didn’t really end very well.

Tachelock: Surprised I got the invite at all, actually.
X2: If… if it’s not too personal a question… what did you all combine into?

Caption: The Mighty Dodecahedron!
Dodecahedron: For Justice!
Caption: Twelve individual robots joined together as one towering warrior! Twelve separate minds melded into one awesome gestalt consciousness!

Tachelock: In theory, anyway.

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